Cheap weekend getaways

There are travel sites that offer you a surprise weekend trip, you just need to gather the budget and the agency prepares everything. It is often a proposal for a couple without children with a budget not exceeding 400 euros.

Where do we go this weekend?

With our 400 euros, we will stay in a nice hotel with breakfast and lunch included and some basic activities. As for the dinner, it is there that we will improvise according to the rhythm of the city. And the destination of choice is Prague. With the RTT and the low-cost flights, it is rather easy to take off every weekend. We pack quickly our suitcase and we are going to discover Prague. Prague is a city located in the Czech Republic and the travelers' guide is very easy to follow. For these two days, you are going to begin to make a stroll in the city by crossing the big bridge and its statues. You will continue your visit by admiring the monuments and churches dating back to the time with a beautiful infrastructure. Then, Prague is also rich in pastries of which you will savor every bite.

The Vltava cruises

On the quay of Prague, you will take a cruise boat and visit the city from a different angle. You will pass between the Devil's Canal and sneak under the bridges. You will cross the island of Kampa and admire the beautiful old landscape. You will also stroll through the city of Mala Strana. Luxury hotels and restaurants await you during this walk.

If you look at the town from above, using a drone, you will notice the architecture of the house with its red roof and traditional structure. Still, there are some new modern architectures that have moved in and give a very different contrast to the environment.

Finally, Prague is a very welcoming city and you will find the perfect accommodation to feel really comfortable during your stay.

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